CLIQ Consulting (Klik Konsalting DOOEL SKOPJE) has helped 450 companies (mainly start-ups and SME’s) to grow their businesses though: Access to favorable banking and non-banking sources of finance, by providing high-quality advices and by preparation of Business Plans, Proposal writing for different Grants; Sales/Export Strategies; Mentoring/Coaching, etc.

CLIQ Consulting provides different types of custom-made Management Consulting services for companies in different industries, primarily focusing, but not limited to:

Access to Finance: Helping a number of micro, small and medium companies to access favorable sources of financing (loans, grants, etc.). Advising and preparation of a complete documentation (applications, business plans) for Access to traditional (banking) and alternative (non-banking) sources of finance.

Proposal writing for different Grants/Funds: Advising and preparation of a complete documentation (applications, business plans, budgets) for a number of SME companies for different Funds/Grants/Programs (FITR, IPARD, etc.). Support during the implementation of some of the projects (business development, fundraising).

Business Mentoring and Coaching: Helping companies to establish their operations and to develop their business. Business mentoring for start-ups with proven tools and methodologies according to UNDP certified program. Providing mentoring/coaching for the top management and key employees.

Strategic Planning and Business Development: Helping a number of SME’s to grow their businesses through Strategic Planning. Preparation of Business Development Strategies, Export/New market entry Strategies, based on complete business diagnostics with proven modern tools and methodologies. Feasibility studies for diversification/entrance into new businesses.

Marketing and Sales / Export: Proposing actions to improve marketing and to increase sales/export. Export / New market entry Strategy development, based on complete business diagnostics. Matchmaking and Partner search.

Other services:
• (New) Business Development. Helping companies to establish their operations and to develop their business.

• Trainings.

• Project management.

• EU funded Programs.

• Outsourcing.

• Innovation management.